Network Support Drive

California Wilderness Coalition (CalWild) & Latino Outdoors

Contact Person: André Sanchez

Phone: 5599755097

Location: Our main office is in Oakland, CA but I am regionally located in Fresno, CA

Organization Size: 6 - 10

Environmental Mission: "CalWild: We advocate for wilderness designation, wild & scenic rivers designation, and other protections on public lands. Latino Outdoors: We advocate for equity & inclusion to recreational spaces, where we hope to increase capacity as leaders and users to a healthy environment as a community"

COVID-19 Impact: We are limited in scope in how we normally do our outreach and helo bring awareness to public lands issues (CalWild). Likewise, we are limited in our reach to community members and the spaces we normally recreate and learn in (Latino Outdoors).

Support Needed: Asking our local community to donate to your company or organization, Stay attentive to our actions and information we are sharing that we are still able to meet as part of our mission. Likewise, look out for information about our membership drive/ gift giving to the organization.

How To Support: ""

Other Support Needed: Help spread our presence whenever possible.

Located in: Nonprofits
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