Network Support Drive

Energy Upgrade California

Contact Person: Becca Zhu

Phone: 6262465189

Location: Statewide

Organization Size: 11 - 25

Environmental Mission: Energy Upgrade California is a statewide education initiative sharing energy efficiency resources with residents. We recognize that when it comes to conserving energy, it all adds up. We have complied a list of small acts Californians can take to help our state reach its energy goals.We also have resources that help small businesses save energy, and money as well!

COVID-19 Impact: We are in the process of developing a digital kit with interactive Earth Day games and activities. In the kit, we will also include resources on energy efficiency. We hope to share this kit with as many residents as we can!

Support Needed: Help us share our digital kit!

Community Assistance: We try to share our energy saving tips and resources with rural communities and communities that don't receive as much support. We have also been reaching out to local chambers to share resources with small businesses.

Located in: Nonprofits
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